Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lovin' the purple and gold (actually yellow)....

Whooo Hoooo!!!!

For those who know me, I'm something of a sports nut. Sure, I LOVE my anime, manga, comic books, Star Trek, Star Wars, Gunpla, etc. Yes. I am a geek but, my online name comes from my love of ALL the University of Colorado sports teams. (Ah...the secret of where "buffalostyle" comes from is finally revealed) Along with my love of all things CU, I absolutely LOVE Louisiana State University as well. While I grew up in colorful Colorado, I was born in Louisiana and (it must be said) ALL Louisianans love LSU.

So, with great excitement and pride, I was able to watch LSU win their sixth College World Series title tonight over the Texas Longhorns. Sweet!!!
They began the onslaught with a four-run home run by Jared Mitchell (above) and, despite Texas tying the score at 4, the Tigers pulled away in the sixth inning and won running away, 11-4.

This is LSU's sixth baseball title but their first in almost ten years as they all but dominated college baseball in the 90's winning five titles from 1990-2000.

You know, after my horrible day at work, this victory absolutely made my DAY!!! Honestly, you can not take this permagrin off of my face right now.... hehehe....
You know, I was looking at some of the blogs that I have on my list and I came across I haven't been there in a while so I had to see what was exciting and new.

As something of an Eva Geek myself, I was slightly embarrased to find out that Funimation is releasing the new Eva movie, "Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone" within the next month or so. In fact, us Denver-area otaku are going to get our Eva groove on for one week around August 14th. The time and place I don't know just yet but, you just KNOW that OtaKrew will be there. Representing...and keeping it REAL!!!
OK...I need this Rolling Stone. Just had to say that. It will get framed and put in a place of honor in my geek central.

The funny part about this whole thing is that we (OtaKrew) were just talking about the state of the domestic anime industry and the fall of ADV Films just this past Monday at forum. It was a given that ADV had the rights to all that is Eva and that they were holding on for the release of this movie (and the "live-action movie") to bring them back to life. Ah...oops.

Really, this shouldn't have been too much of a surprise as (let's not forget) Manga Entertainment got the rights to "Death and Rebirth" as well as to "End of Evangelion".

I really want to rant about the state of the domestic anime industry but at a later time as I have to get up early tomorrow. Inventory...yuck.


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