Monday, June 22, 2009

The Aftermath of the Great Purging

As I stated in my previous post, I just moved into a new home. As I was preparing for the move, I spent A LOT of time packing up up all kinds of toys and collectibles. During that time, I came to the conclusion that I had way too many toys and that some would have to go (The Great Purging).
Some of the toys that I parted with were my G-Force (bah, Gatchaman) toys from Diamond Toys. I was able to find Mark (Ken), Princess (Jun) and Keyop (Jinpei) from series one. Series two was a little bit more difficult to find as it featured Condor Joe (perhaps the most popular member of Gatchaman). The series also had Ryu and Berg Katse figures as well. I was able to justify parting with these toys because the sculpts (IMO) weren't all that consistant.

The problem that I have now is that I am going through purging remorse. I want my Gatchaman toys back. Go figure. I've done this before as I tend to just...give away toys to friends. I've given away Eva toys, Gundam models and Godannar gashapons. It usually happens when I run out of room. Of course, with me being in a bigger house, I don't have to worry about running out of room just yet. Still, I don't want to over-run my home with numerous amounts of toys and models.
I did, however, keep my Cool-Girl (Takara) toy of Jun (G3).
This 12" doll is awesome and a very welcomed addition to any Jun-fanboy's collection.

Speaking of Jun and her awesomeness...
nothing like a little Gatcha-cosplay...and with a Galactor minion, to boot.

So, I recently received my confirmation for my pre-registration to NDK2009 and color me impressed. I'm impressed because, in the past, I haven't received my confirmation until a couple of weeks or so prior to the con. If at all. That has been my biggest complaint for NDK registration. How could someone who pre-reg'ed at the previous con not get a confirmation until a few weeks before the next con? With the quickness of my confirmation this year, it seems like they may be getting some things fixed in that area. To that I say..."Well done" and "Keep up the good work".

One thing that my confirmation did was get me excited for this year's convention.

Looking back over pictures from the past, I find myself jonezing for the interaction with the other fanboys and fangirls, the dealer's room and meeting more con guests.
The above picture was taken at NDK07 on Thursday night at the hotel bar. With me are (from right to left) Steve Bennett, Spike Spencer, Nathan and Chibiokaasan.

Let's just say that a good time was had by all as the...ahem...beverages flowed quite freely that evening. Actually, the beverages flowed freely the whole weekend...

This picture was taken from closing ceremonies at NDK08. With me are (from left to right) Sailor Joe, Yuji Mitsuya (Supreme Kai-DBZ) , Indaglow, Noriko Hidaka (Musicaa-Southern Cross, Kagome-Inu Yasha, Near-Deathnote) , Chris and (once again) my homie Steve Bennett.

What memories to look forward to this year? I'm REALLY looking forward to the return of the Robotech Tour to NDK. Last year, their presence really made the con for me. The sad thing is that we (OtaKrew) didn't keep in touch with the other local Robotech fans that we met last year. Hopefully, we will see ZorMaster again but keep in touch this time.

Speaking of keeping in touch, Gimme Anime (buffalostyle's official anime shop) has changed their hours of operation. They are now open from 10am to 7pm on Monday through Friday and from 12noon till 5pm on Sunday. Unfortunately, having Gimme close at 7pm is tough for me to navigate as my job and where I work usually won't allow me to make it there before 7. Oh well, I do need to get in there soon, however, as Roger is probably wondering what I'm up to. Besides, I like hearing about his trips to out-of-state cons.

Just think, NDK is just a few days over two months away. Wheeee....


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