Friday, September 7, 2012

It's been a rather geeky few months...

Well, it has indeed been a rather geeky few months. I mean, I have had two geekfests and several pickups (toys-wise) since my last posting. The big news (and success) was the inaugural Denver Comic Con (DCC) that came and passed on Father's Day weekend. 

First off, I had a BLAST as my home city put it's best foot forward. Honestly, the only problem that I had was the fact that the con was taking place on a holiday weekend which kept me from experiencing the whole con. That was a different feel for me as I tend to attend all cons from beginning to the end. I'm really looking forward to seeing how DCC grows and if it can become a huge force in the Rocky Mountain region. As it is, there are many artists, writers, etc who call Colorado home and many of them were quite pleased with how it all turned out. I can't say that I blame them. 
Honestly, I'm not sure if there is such a thing as too many Iron Man cosplays...I mean, when it is done well, this is one of the better characters out there.
Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel. Very nice couple.
 I love this version of Nightcrawler and I'm always a sucker for a Jean Grey/Marvel Girl/Phoenix cosplay...
Black Widow times two with X-men movie version Sebastian Shaw  

Prior to DCC was the ol' stand-by, StarFest!
As a BIG fan of Red Sonja, I couldn't pass up this shot...of course, the lighting could be MUCH better...I'm no professional, that's for sure.

StaFest, once again, provided the geeky itch for my scratch as it always does. Plenty of cosplayers were around the building and I spent some good quality time in the Dealer's Room. I found some Marvel Legend figures that I was coveting (Havok and X-23) and a couple of t-shirts. 

Not all things were rosey, though. Comic Fest took place next door (actually across the street) from the Marriott at the Hyatt. The dealer's room there was a little bit of a disappointment as it was smaller than it was in the previous two years. As it was, I did find a couple of X-Men back issues that I was missing and I went back to the main convention at the Marriott. HorrorFest, a StarFest mainstay for me, was something of a disappointment this year as the good folks from "Not For The Squeamish" didn't make it out. Bummer.

Both of those disappointments aside, StarFest still provided me with several things to be thankful (and happy) for.

Let's see...cosplayers...
Lady Deadpool goofing around, of course...
I'm not sure what she is cosplayed as but, I loved the outfit.

...and then there were the guests....
Number One was in the house this year!!! Jonathan Frakes wasn't able to make StarFest last year so he made up for it this year. Very cool dude. His Q and A/panel was a highlight for this year.
I remember snapping this pic of Dark Phoenix just before passing out Saturday night...don't ask.

All in all, the springtime con season was fairly eventful in the Mile High City. DCC showed a lot of potential and, with the announcement of Patrick Stewart and Stan Lee showing up for 2013, StarFest looks like it will continue to be a big-time player.

Now, on to the Sweet 16 of Nan Desu Kan...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New additions...

I have, for quite some time, coveted Yamato Valkyries from Macross. The only problem would be their price and space in my home. You see, I don't let my geekdom rule me and many visitors to my home would never know that I am a closet otaku/fanboy. As such, the bulk of my collection can be found in my office and library. About a month ago, I finally went out on a limb and picked up a display case for my Macross toys. Since then, I have been filling said case with my new Yammy Valkyries from Macross 7.

First up was the VF-19S

This Valk is probably my favorite toy that I currently own.

The reason for the lofty praise is how solid this toy is. I mean, it has fantastic balance and a fairly good amount of die-cast to keep it solid. This beauty looks good in whatever mode you would want to display it in. My personal favorite is battloid but it looks good in all three modes (battloid, GERWALK and fighter) and has the good balance to pull off all three with no problem.

Next up is my VF-22S Miria's custom valkyrie.

While I'm not much of a fan of Red (blame Coach McCartney) mecha, I really dig this toy. I guess I like it because it IS Miria's mech after all.

Then there is my Max version of the VF-22S. I love this shade of blue. It is one of my favorite colors...then there is the fact that it IS Max's ship.
For the longest time, I did NOT like this mech because it was based on Guild's ship from Macross Plus and I hated his character. A lot. It wasn't until I read somewhere that the YF-21/VF-22 was a cross between the Zentradi Queadluun Rau and the traditional Valkyrie that I began to like this mech.

As this is something of a "catch-up" posting, I will go over my geeky con excursions soon...