Thursday, July 19, 2012

New additions...

I have, for quite some time, coveted Yamato Valkyries from Macross. The only problem would be their price and space in my home. You see, I don't let my geekdom rule me and many visitors to my home would never know that I am a closet otaku/fanboy. As such, the bulk of my collection can be found in my office and library. About a month ago, I finally went out on a limb and picked up a display case for my Macross toys. Since then, I have been filling said case with my new Yammy Valkyries from Macross 7.

First up was the VF-19S

This Valk is probably my favorite toy that I currently own.

The reason for the lofty praise is how solid this toy is. I mean, it has fantastic balance and a fairly good amount of die-cast to keep it solid. This beauty looks good in whatever mode you would want to display it in. My personal favorite is battloid but it looks good in all three modes (battloid, GERWALK and fighter) and has the good balance to pull off all three with no problem.

Next up is my VF-22S Miria's custom valkyrie.

While I'm not much of a fan of Red (blame Coach McCartney) mecha, I really dig this toy. I guess I like it because it IS Miria's mech after all.

Then there is my Max version of the VF-22S. I love this shade of blue. It is one of my favorite colors...then there is the fact that it IS Max's ship.
For the longest time, I did NOT like this mech because it was based on Guild's ship from Macross Plus and I hated his character. A lot. It wasn't until I read somewhere that the YF-21/VF-22 was a cross between the Zentradi Queadluun Rau and the traditional Valkyrie that I began to like this mech.

As this is something of a "catch-up" posting, I will go over my geeky con excursions soon...

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