Friday, July 16, 2010

In production...Turn A Gundam...

With the OtaKrew deciding to get back to our model-making ways, I decided to snap some pics of my early efforts. The below model is my MSN-03 Jagd Doga from the Char's Counterattack movie.This was my first attempt at painting a Gunpla model. There were some areas that I did OK on however, as a whole, the kit could have been done MUCH better.The above model is my HGUC ORX-005 Gaplant from Zeta Gundam. This was done for the Krew's diorama that we put together for NDK07.
This thing was pretty huge and it was a lot of fun to do. Unfortunately, this happened to be the last NDK that all of the Krew attended.

Currently, I am working on the Master Grade Turn A Gundam. Now, I have been "working" on this particular kit for over a year and I recently decided to actually finish it.

With work being as hectic and stressful as it is, I really do need something to calm the nerves and I have decided that Gunpla modeling is it.Actually, I thought that I was a little further along than this but...oh well, it IS a start...

The model below is the MG MSZ-006-3 Zeta 3.I WISH this were a kit that I had done, however, this is actually OtaKrew member Indaglow's model. I should have taken him up on the offer to buy it from him but, in the end, I'm glad to see what he ended up doing with it. I think that it came out VERY well.

With Indaglow being one of the better modeler's in the Krew, I find myself getting ideas from him all of the time in regards to how to do this or how to do that.For instance, one area that I have struggled with over the years is the application of ink to my kits. In the past, I would ink my kits after putting them together. While it may seem very obvious to many, Indaglow's suggestion that I apply the inking while the parts are still on the sprew came as a great discovery to me. I don't know why really. I mean, it's so easy...a caveman can do dum dum...

Once I finish this kit, I plan on starting up on my MG MS-18E Kampfer next. Perhaps if I feel enough, I will finally get to my Perfect Grade Strike Gundam.

Watched a movie last week that the good folks from Viz Pictures brought to us by the name of "Battle League Korumo".I wasn't too sure what to expect but I am happy that I decided not to check out on the movie as it did turn out to be a pleasant surprise.
The movie is based on the fantasy novel "Kamogawa HORUMO" by Manabu Makime. The story is basically about a Kyoto University student (Akira Abe) fresh out of two years worth of cram school and his being introduced to a club called Azure Dragon. Let's just say that Azure Dragon is not all that it seems as Abe is introduced to the world of Horumo. It's a world filled with strange chants, even stranger gestures and oni.

One note of interest was that the actor playing the part of Abe was Takayuki Yamada who also starred as the awkward otaku in "Train Man: Densha Otako" another WONDERFUL movie brought to us by Viz Pictures. Keep it up Viz, you are most definately on a roll!!!