Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cosplay??? Moi...???

So, I'm watching Gundam F91 just the other day. It was a movie set in Gundam's Universal Century timeline that was supposed to be turned into a TV series. It was a little disjointed in parts but it had a lot of potential.
Anywho, my main topic comes from something I saw in this movie. There was a bit player in the movie named Arthur who was a friend of the main character, Seabrook Arno. What made Arthur interesting were both how he died (brave/stupid taking on a mobile suit with a grenade launcher) and the fact that he was a black character.
As a black otaku, I have always been fascinated with the Japanese usage of black characters in anime/manga. A lot of that fascination is directed at cosplay opportunities. As I would look kind of strange cosplaying someone like...Vash the Stampede, my only other choices have been to cosplay as soldiers (I had a ZAFT uniform comissioned for me a few years ago) or as anyone with a mask (I have a Panther Claw mask and I've thought of going as a member of Galactor).
Bleach, one of my favorite anime/manga going right now, has more than it's fair share of black characters. The above character, Tousen Kaname, is a great idea for cosplay as this particular outfit (Hueco Mundo) is very simple yet very cool.

Trio of Tousen!!!
The cosplayer, Kungfufish, with a very good Halibel.

Then there is Love Aikawa...Or...Captain Love... This guy is PIMPIN' and a character (Love as a Captain) that I just discovered. For those who follow Bleach, I won't ruin anything for you but there are a lot of questions answered around episodes 205-212.
Cosplaying as Captain Love is something that I would like to do. Too bad I won't be able to pull him off this year at NDK as I'm not going to have the time that I will need to make this happen...Of course, NDK is a liitle under two months away.

Speaking of being a little under two months away...
College football is near....GEAUX TIGERS!!!!
andGO BUFFS!!!


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