Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's that time again...convention time!!!

Coming to you from StarFest, with the beautiful Scarlet Salem at his side, it's buffalostyle (aka: H Mike). If it's mid-April in Colorado, not only is it time for StarFest at the good 'ol Marriott DTC (Denver Tech Center) but, it could also be time for a spring blizzard. Hooray for wet snow!!!

Let's see... blizzard on Friday which tapered off on Saturday and all but melted away on Sunday. Gotta love that Colorado weather...
One neat thing about this year's StarFest was the addition of ComicFest to the festivities. Since most of us are comic book geeks, this brought some members of the Krew to this convention for the first time. The sucky thing was that ComicFest was taking place across the street at the Hilton and that we had to brave the snow to get there. Luckily for us, the snow ended while we were at the Hilton so we didn't have to worry about getting our newly purchased comics wet.

I went absolutely nuts over the $1 bins as I found quite a bit of Vampirella comics that I was missing in my collection.I love J. Scott Campbell's work so finding these comics was like finding GOLD. Honestly, though, I probably should have stuck with looking for X-Titles but I didn't have a wishlist with me so I would have been stabbing in the dark. As it is, I did pick up a couple of issues that I needed from the "X-Men: The End" series and the sorely missing "X-Men" no. 196.
Madarame went completely nuts over the $1 and .50 bins. He ended up with two boxes full of comics. I came in a distant second.

As we (Card and I) always do, we went to HorrorFest (with the rest of the Krew) and watched NFTS (Not For The Squeamish) Productions' new movie, "Terror Overload". It starred the beautiful and talented Scarlet Salem and Joe Knetter as the creepy truck driver. I honestly have to say that it was the best movie that I have ever seen at HorrorFest. Hands down...After the movie, we were treated to a question and answer session with all involved with the movie. From the left: Scarlet Salem, Joe Knetter, Ari Lehman (The Original Jason from Friday the 13th) and Jason Stephenson.

The thing that was really neat about it all was that they were all so down to earth and were just having a good time being in Denver. I can't wait to see what they bring next year.
Along with going to ComicFest and HorrorFest, this convention is fun for seeing what people come dressed up as. Above is Sailor Joe with a Felecia cosplayer.
With "The Watchmen" recently in the theaters, we had a few Silk Spectres running around.
And then there was "The Monarch" from "Venture Brothers". Well done...I was told that he actually glued the eyebrows on making for an interesting coming day.
Ari Lehman says, "Good bye from StarFest 2009"...

I had a blast (as usual) as we stayed pretty late and had a few...ahem...beverages at the bar. I'm seriously considering getting a room for Saturday night next year so that I can really let my hair down and PARTY!!! That said, it looks like this could be my last year staying at NDK the whole weekend. We'll see. I'm already locked in for Thursday night through Sunday morning so we'll see how the con goes. It does look like most of the Krew is currently only going for Saturday's events, though. Ah...could this be the end of an era???

WISHLIST ALERTMy new wishlist item: Kotobukiya Bishoujo statue of Rogue from the X-Men.Let me just say that Rogue is probably my favorite heroine in all of comic-dom as she was the character that brought me back to my favorite series, X-Men, after a long absence. I already have two statues of her already and this statue, which comes out in June, has risen to the top of my must-have list.


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