Friday, November 14, 2008

It's like finding gold...

Since I am so far behind, this post is going to be pretty short but sweet...

More scans from the November 2008 issue of Hobby Japan. This time, I'm featuring the specs on the VF-25S Messiah (Alto custom). This one is the main mech in Macross Frontier flown by the main character, Alto Saotome.

In the Macross-verse, you know someone is the main character when their mech has the red/black combo (ala Hikaru Ichigo).
This is the only one that is available right now on various hobby sites. Unfortunately, I have yet to find it at my local hobby shop.

Some more of the new manga that I picked up recently at Roger's.

I'm a big fan of both the anime and the manga of Fullmetal Alchemist. It is the manga for FMA, however, that I believe is the stuff that all other manga should aspire to be. It's a really neat read all around as I like Manga-ka Hiromu Arakawa's style. Both in story telling and in art.

Interestingly enough, this is one of those manga that got animated before it ended it's run. In fact, the anime came and went (last episode was shown on Cartoon Network back in 2006) and we are still getting more manga to this day. The story is getting more and more interesting as suppoting characters continue to die and more secrets are revealed. Having said that, I just finished reading volume 17... In this volume, the Elric brothers are still at Fort Briggs when it is attacked by the homunculus, Sloth. We get a little history lesson thrown in for good measure and my new anime crush, Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong gets major page time...whoo hoo...

The thing that does suck about this manga is the wait that I now have to endure for the next volume after the brutal cliffhanger I was left with. (Way to keep us wanting more)

If they had only waited to animate what we are seeing now in the manga...I would be a happy otaku...

Being the fan of vampires that I am, the manga to Hellsing continues to keep me interested.

I'm like many otaku who thought that the Hellsing OVA was very good. Sure, the ending was a little light (ie: rushed/weak) but overall the show was very entertaining. Then the good folks at Dark Horse Manga gave us the original manga uncut. Suddenly, we saw that there were other stories that didn't get a sniff in the OVA. Stories like the vampire nazis or the continued growth of Seras Victoria or how Integra became the leader of the Hellsing Organization or what would happen in a fight between Alucard and Walter "The Angel of Death".
In volume 9, we get to see Alucard and Walter finally face off in a brawl that you just knew was bound to happen someday.

Two words: "Kick" "Ass"
If you are like me and you liked the Hellsing OVA, you need to get..this..Manga!!!

Taa Dah!!!! I told you it would be short..but sweet..


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