Monday, November 10, 2008

Bring on the Macross toys already....

So, I went to my local (legit) anime shop (Gimme Anime) just the other day to pick up items in my hold slot. I hadn't been there in a while so there was quite a bit to look over. Along with my manga was the latest Hobby Japan. Now, I'm kind of on the fence about getting this magazine every month because it costs quite a bit and I am currently cutting out all of the unnecessary collectibles that I get from week to week. I was this close to having the Hobby Japan put back when I saw the cover.... OMG!!! It's Macross Frontier!!!

Being the Macross Maniac that I am, I looked through the magazine and saw quite a few pages covering my addiction. Needless to say, this magazine was snatched up with the quickness. Currently, I'm in the process of scanning all of the Macross-specific pages so I will post them bit by bit. But, first, here is some info/pics of the VF-25S Messiah (Ozma custom) that I'm truly ga-ga over....

Looks like this is a model from Bandai which is a company that I love. Mainly because of the fact that they tend to make snap-fit models and I have gotten extremely lazy over the years. I absolutely hate using glue when making models. (Yeah, I know...models are supposed to be made with glue)

Looking at these pages, I already know that I don't have anywhere near the patience needed to make my models look like this one does...Man, these model makers sure have my utmost respect when it comes to all of the detail that they put into these things...
One of the OtaKrew, Indaglow, is someone who could pull this off. He has a loft in his house where he goes to put his kits together. He takes a LOOONG time making models but they turn out extremely well.

We finally finished Gurren Lagann at Anime Forum, recently. As I expected, everyone was pleased with what they saw. Sure, the story gets a little serious for a while (It's to be expected when you kill off a MAIN character) but it picks back up near the end. As for the ending, you actually get one.

p.s Simon is the MAN!!!

Birthday goodies for this year included the starter box set for Claymore. Indaglow hooked me up with that one. Of course, now that means that I am going to have to pick this one up as it is being released. Damn. Initially, I thought about just getting it when it came out in a boxset later on.
I love the anime for Claymore but I really LOVE the manga. I just finished reading volume 13 just the other day and I really liked the backstory on Riful.

Teresa kicks ass...until she (sob) died....

Hooray for Gold Digger pushing 100 in it's All-Color format...I've been collecting this comic for a very long time. ...since before it went all-color.
During that time, I've been impressed with Fred Perry's growth over those years. It has, however, grown increasingly more difficult to find any of the Antarctic Press stuff. So, I had Card add all of my AP items to his hold slot at Mile High Comics. Unfortunately, my issue #99 of GD came with some kind of sticker on the cover. Huh??? I don't like that at all. So, it looks like I am going to have to go look for the issue myself.
Le sigh...

One of the manga that I picked up this week from Roger at GA (Gimme Anime) was Air Gear vol. 10. The manag-ka, Oh! Great, used to draw "H". So when you look at this manga, you can see why he (we will assume that Oh! Great is a man) was so successful as an "H" artist. His women are second to none and he is a little...pervy.
Basically, "Ikki's Air Trek team has just won the biggest match of its career against evil rivals Behemoth. The victory has made Ikki and his crew major celebrities in the extreme skating world. But stardom has its price: Now legions of teams are challenging Ikki's riders in order to steal their crown. With the team's best rider, Agito, in the hospital, can Ikki keep his team on top?"

This manga has its moments as sometimes I find myself saying, "Why am I reading this manga, again?" but then something happens in the manga that reminds me of how fun this title can be. The rollercoaster can be annoying at times but, in the end, the story always come through.
Yay!!! We have a Simca sighting....

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