Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas parties and my new anime obsession...

So, we had our Christmas party this past Saturday night and it was pretty fun. As the party was at Card's house, it was a special treat because we got to see the newer additions to his toy collection in his b asement. The new item that I saw that I am currently coveting is his God Phoenix..
As an old fan of Gatchaman, this is right up my alley...

Card is also a BIG fan of Godzilla so this Mecha-Godzilla was a nice new addition as well..

There were so many toys down there...I can't post pictures of them all so this is just a small taste..

Well, lookie here...both Voltrons and Jeeg!!!
Good fun...

So, the Krew has been watching Code Geass at Forum on Monday nights. We just started the second season last night and let me tell you, WOW!!! I'm really digging where this is going right now.

I honestly like everything about this show. From the character designs (CLAMP), Mecha, music and storyline, I like it all... oh, and there is fanservice, too...Like I need something new to collect, it looks like I will be buying some Knight Mares along with the Valkries that I planned on picking up after the new year.

I really want a Lancelot (from Bandai) and a Cornelia custom Gloucester...(mecha with capes ROCK)
from MegaHouse...NICE!!!


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