Saturday, March 13, 2010

Coming up on Con Season!!!

So, let the above images fester in the mind for a moment. I will get back to that soon.

As the title states, it is time for my con season to begin. Sure, I did miss out on Anime Wasabi (AW) last weekend but my season truly begins with StarFest (SF) every year as it and Nan Desu Kan (NDK) are my two main cons.

The annual mid-April geek-fest that is StarFest gets me in the right frame of mind when it comes to my fanboy tendencies.

Being the fan of cosplay that I am, I love getting around and taking pics of all the people dressed up in costumes.
Of course, members of the OtaKrew love meeting new people, too.With the addition of the Comic Fest, most of the Krew went to SF last year and it looks like it will be a repeat showing this year.

What we are really looking forward to is the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) in July.

While both Cyphr and Card have been to SDCC, the rest of us haven't gone before so this will be a real treat.

Wishlist...of course there is a wishlist....
Since this is the 25th anniversary for Robotech, the good ol' folks from Gold will be there. At the top of my wishlist is this Masterpiece Collection toy....also, this YF-11C from Yamato. I have coveted this particular toy for quite some time.

Now, with this being a comic convention, at heart, I'm obviously going to want to pick up some comics. I'm really kicking myself for letting go of these particular comics some time ago.

As it is, I already know that I may have to pay an arm and a leg for these.
Now, this Uncanny X-Men number 138 is one that I want to get Chris Claremont to re-autograph for me. I owned this comic once with an autograph that Claremont signed for me back in 1980 but I ended up selling it along with my X-collection up to that point(issues 99-156). Dumb. While I do have a rather substantial X-collection, I'm still paying for that to this day.

Along with picking up comics, I also want to meet some of the talent.I would really like to meet/get an autograph/get a picture with Jim Balent. I've been following him for quite some time since his stint on Catwoman. Is there anyone who draws a better woman than Balent?

Then there is Fred Perry.

I've been following Perry for around 10 years and I love his stuff.
I want to see about getting this portfolio autographed.

Question: Is there such a thing as too many Slave Leia cosplayers?

I think not...

I will be on a mission to take as many pictures of as many Slave Leia's as possible.Hopefully, there will be some photo-ops of Slave Leia harems.

Olivia Munn....what can you say.

Then there is the new costume. Hot New Hope Leia.
So the question from the top of the blog is...which side of the fence are you on? Are you a Slave Leia fanboy or are you into the sexy New Hope Leia?

When I first saw Star Wars back in the day, I absolutely loved Princess Leia in her original outfit. I thought that it was pretty hot in it's own way so if I am forced to choose...I'm going to have to go with New Hope Leia...

Here's hoping for some cosplay of this particular outfit in the upcoming con season.

I will be on the lookout.