Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cosplay??? Moi...???

So, I'm watching Gundam F91 just the other day. It was a movie set in Gundam's Universal Century timeline that was supposed to be turned into a TV series. It was a little disjointed in parts but it had a lot of potential.
Anywho, my main topic comes from something I saw in this movie. There was a bit player in the movie named Arthur who was a friend of the main character, Seabrook Arno. What made Arthur interesting were both how he died (brave/stupid taking on a mobile suit with a grenade launcher) and the fact that he was a black character.
As a black otaku, I have always been fascinated with the Japanese usage of black characters in anime/manga. A lot of that fascination is directed at cosplay opportunities. As I would look kind of strange cosplaying someone like...Vash the Stampede, my only other choices have been to cosplay as soldiers (I had a ZAFT uniform comissioned for me a few years ago) or as anyone with a mask (I have a Panther Claw mask and I've thought of going as a member of Galactor).
Bleach, one of my favorite anime/manga going right now, has more than it's fair share of black characters. The above character, Tousen Kaname, is a great idea for cosplay as this particular outfit (Hueco Mundo) is very simple yet very cool.

Trio of Tousen!!!
The cosplayer, Kungfufish, with a very good Halibel.

Then there is Love Aikawa...Or...Captain Love... This guy is PIMPIN' and a character (Love as a Captain) that I just discovered. For those who follow Bleach, I won't ruin anything for you but there are a lot of questions answered around episodes 205-212.
Cosplaying as Captain Love is something that I would like to do. Too bad I won't be able to pull him off this year at NDK as I'm not going to have the time that I will need to make this happen...Of course, NDK is a liitle under two months away.

Speaking of being a little under two months away...
College football is near....GEAUX TIGERS!!!!
andGO BUFFS!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Think I'm In Love...

So, I finally made my trip to Gimme Anime (buffalostyle's official anime shop) the other day and I came away with yet another object that I am obsessing over. In a mistake made by Roger, the May issue of Hobby Japan made it's way into my hold slot. Since I have added and dropped Hobby Japan countless times from my account, the mistake was an honest one. Anywho, Roger realized his mistake but, once I saw the cover, I was instantly smitten.

My favorite Gundam of the past few years or so gets the Perfect Grade treatment and what a surprise that was to me as I haven't looked at an HJ in quite some time.The above kit is a 1/100 High Grade Gundam kit. I remember picking up the above kit a few years ago but, since I am so incredibly lazy, I ended up giving the kit away because I didn't feel like having to do too much painting. You see, my painting skills are pretty weak and I don't have the time and equipment needed to do so anyway. Of course, with my new garage, I can actually set up a painting area if I really wanted to.
Here is the box for the Perfect Grade kit.
Smexxy isn't it?
The first (and only) Perfect Grade kit that I purchased was the GAT-X 105 Strike Gundam. I coveted this kit for a VERY long time since I first saw it at Wizard World LA back in 2005. I didn't pick one up that day because I didn't know how I would get it back home as the box is huge. Fortunately, I found it at Colpar Hobbies last year and snatched it right up.

I have yet to put it together.

When I flipped through the HJ, I came upon something that I want as much (probably more, actually) as the PG Astray Gundam. Macross Frontier models from Bandai.
Now, this is the stuff right here as fully transformable Valkries are the $#%@.
I own some of the Yamato Valkries from the "Do You Remember Love" movie and from Macross Plus as well. I really am looking forward to getting some of these models as well as the other Macross Frontier toys.


So, while I was at Gimme slobbering over the Hobby Japan goodness, Rini came in while I was checking out and made a few manga suggestions to me.

First is Jihai from Toshimi Nigoshi.
This manga is about a boy named Aoi who is courier who is rescued from a delivery gone wrong. He is taken to an orphanage where most of the kids have super-human abilities.

As I was, initially, drawn to the art in the manga, there were some shonen ai aspects early on that made me wonder what Rini had gotten me into. However,the story drew me in about midway through the volume as we learn that Aoi is driven by the need for revenge. There is a political slant that shows up near the end of the volume that really leaves you wanting more. All that said, I'm probably going to give this one at least one more volume to see if I want to continue to buy it.

Next up is 07-Ghost from Yuki Amemiya and Yukino Ichihara.
While I haven't gotten to this manga just yet, listening to Rini's description and reading the back cover have really piqued my interest.

It took me a while to get to reading Jihai as I was catching up on my Black Lagoon manga. Very good stuff. Vols. 4 and 5 dealt with Rock and Revy going to Japan with Balaliaka on a "business" trip. The more and more of this I read the more and more I absolutely love it.

Revy cosplay!!!
If you can pull it off, more power to you....

So, I'm at the gym the other day and I'm jammin' out to some anime music on my Crackberry. I come up on some music by the supergroup named JAM Project.
The interesting thing about JAM Project is that they were founded by former 1970's theme song artist, Ichirou Mizuki (Harlock, Mazinger Z), back in 2000. He and several other theme song artists make up the group. (JAM stands for Japan Animationsong Makers)
The song that I am currently digging from this group is "Storm Bringer" from the anime Kotetsushin JEEG. It's funny what kind of pump you can get from listening to this type of music. For instance, I picked up a Greatest Hits album for MOVE at Wizard World LA in 2005.

MOVE is great cardio music.

As it is, the dealer that I bought the MOVE discs from at WWLA05 frequents NDK every year. I think that I will be looking for some JAM Project this year at his booth.

Speaking of music and NDK.
I have a good friend who runs karaoke at NDK. Between him, his brother and I, we are planning on channeling Jackie Moon this year. HA!!! THAT should be fun....


Friday, July 3, 2009

A fanboy's dream far...

So, I went to go see "Transformers 2: Revenge of The Fallen" (again) this evening at the Movie Tavern. That makes three times in less than one week for me. Needless to say, I enjoyed the movie. In fact, I thought that it was MUCH better than the first movie.
While it was a little long (around 2 1/2 hours), there wasn't any noticeable lag as there usually is for longer movies. I really liked the introduction of "The Fallen" and the resurrection of Megatron. (Honestly, you can't have a Transformers movie without Megatron or Optimus Prime) I also liked getting to hear the conniving Starscream speak for the first time in the movies. Didn't like him calling Megatron "master", though. From what I remember of Starscream, there is no way (at all) that he would call ANYONE master.

The fight scenes were brutal and Megan Fox was HOT. Being in the Transformer movies has made her something of a fanboy fantasy.

Speaking of fanboy fantasies....

I hope Sienna Miller knows what she is in for. I mean, pulling off the Baroness in the "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" movie has put her in the upper class of women that fanboys are currently fawning over. I hope that she is willing to go to the numerous conventions that will be begging for her appearance.

Upon appearing at said conventions, I hope that she is prepared for the fanboy crush that will (inevitably) happen. The battle of the dueling G.I. Joe movie posters. First, there is the Baroness (Sienna Miller) version. Very, VERY nice. Might I say that she has some nice assets...
Then there is the Scarlett (Rachel Nichols) offering. Yummers...
Being a sucker for redheads, I am having difficulty over which one I find hotter.

Scarlett or Baroness??? Glasses or Redhead??? Hmmmm...That's a tough one...

Tooling around on a Saturday morning, I came across "Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight". I found it to be surprisingly good in a cheesy super sentai show kind of way. Later on that afternoon, I went over to fellow OtaKrew member (and HUGE super sentai fan) Card's home to help him organize his comics. What an undertaking that was!!! Man, Card has A LOT of comics....

Happy 4th, everyone!!!

p.s. RIP, MJ...